A Guide to Private Lessons

by Can Aksoy on October 23, 2012

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What is a Private Lesson?

During a private lesson, a student hires a coach to instruct them directly. A student usually receives a coach’s undivided attention during private lessons. They are one of the most effective ways to receive dance training.

Some of the Many Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Classes that run at a pace that matches your skill level
  • Personalized instruction that specifically addresses your problems
  • Continual feedback on your progress and dancing
  • A mentoring student-coach relationship
  • Concepts explained, then re-explained until you understand them
  • Unique choreography and performance help
  • Training structured with goal setting

Am I Ready For Private Lessons?

Dancers at any level can benefit from private lessons and should take them! A good coach will be able to assess a student’s ability, teach at a corresponding pace, and see past any handicaps student may be dealing with (such as injuries, wobbly shoes, etc). All dancers, beginners to advanced, need and deserve private instruction.

What to Expect From Private Lessons

Tango Instructor Atlanta Ilya - absolutedancestudio.comThe Initial Conversation: Before your lesson, you will have an introductory chat with your coach. Introduce yourself, discuss what level you dance at, and convey what you want out of the lesson.

Diagnostic Dancing: Your coach will probably initially need to see you dance to get an idea about your level. Relax! This is not a test! Dance naturally, and do your best to demonstrate the technique you know. Experienced coaches will be able to see past your performance jitters.

Teachers Taking Over: After your initial conversation, expect your coach to take over the lesson. Be corporative, let your coach teach, and know that they will suggest activities you were not expecting. Regardless, don’t forget to ask for clarification, and to remind your coach of what you need help with if they get distracted.

Price: Expect the price of your private lesson to remain the same regardless of the number of people taking the lesson. For example, if two people were to take a private lesson, they could split the cost between them. It is NOT common practice to increase the cost of private instruction relative to the number of people taking the lesson.

How To Prepare For Private Instruction

Private Lesson - dancenecessities.comKnow What You Want: Come to your lesson knowing what you want to work on! This could mean choreography, technique, dances, etc. Think about what you want before your lesson.

Eat, Sleep and Stretch: Come to the lesson rested and fed so you can keep up with its physicality. Similarly, show up early to stretch and quiet your mind so you can focus on your coach and dancing.

Dress Up: Dress nicely for your lesson as a show of respect to your teacher. Additionally, dress in fitted clothing that does not restrict movement so your clothing does not hide any of your technique.

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