Lesson Calendar and Events

Want fully automated reminders on your phone with our full schedule for the rest of the quarter?
With only a couple clicks, you can receive a reminder 1 hour before each practice/meeting with the time and location!

If you use Google Calendar: Go to google.com/calendar and subscribe to our google calendar using these instructions. Once you’re subscribed, download the Google Calendar App on your phone. Go to the in-app Settings, and select the calendar “Cotillion Dance @ UCSB”. Press “Add a notification” and then “1 hour before”.

If you use Apple Calendar: On your apple device, go to Settings, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then scroll down and press “Default Alert Times”. Press “Events” and set it to “1 hour before”. Visit this link on your Apple device and press subscribe.

Meeting Times

First Week of Fall Qtr: Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm to 10pm in Rob Gym 2320.
Ongoing Fall 2018 hours: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm to 11pm in Rob Gym room 2320.

Weekly Schedule

(This image is the most accurate and is updated weekly)

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Full Calendar (be sure to subscribe!)