Dancesport Resources

Dance Routines
The Cotillion Dance Club keeps an extensive record of our dance lessons and routines. You’ll never miss a beat when you check out our video tutorials. Grab a dance partner, and get ready for Dancesport competition!

Dancesport Competitions & Preparation
We travel all over California, and beyond, for collegiate Dancesport competitions. We’ve got a complete list of the competitions we regularly attend, with schedules, links and locations.

Dance Shoes & Attire
Once you fall in love with dance, you’ll want to pick up a decent pair of shoes. Proper shoes make dancing so much easier, and a lot more fun, as they are specially designed for proper turning, spins, balance, and stability!

Find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Dancesport; from local studios and instructors, to dance shoes, apparel, and the official organizers of US Dancesport.