Officer Roles

All Cotillion Dance Club officers are expected to attend all planning meetings and all classes. Specific duties are given for each office. Note that the load of many duties varies at times and officers are expected to assist in tasks not specifically assigned to them when necessary. The division of labor is meant to streamline the running of club affairs, not to free some officers of responsibility & burden others.

Quoting the Cotillion Dance Club Constitution, these are the officer positions and their specific duties:



The President is responsible for overseeing all Planning Meetings and Classes, directing the other officers, appointing people to fill vacant positions when appropriate, and maintaining order. In the absence of a Coach, s/he is also responsible for teaching the Classes. It is, therefore, expected that s/he have sufficient competency to teach Ballroom Dancing and be a Coach himself.


The Vice President is responsible for acting as liaison between CDC and UCSB, other clubs, and organizations outside UCSB. Thus, his or her duties include petitioning for use of UCSB facilities. In the absence of the President, the Vice President must act as President. It is, therefore, recommended that the Vice President also have sufficient competency to teach Ballroom Dancing.


The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of Planning Meetings, maintaining the calendar of club events, tallying votes, and keeping copies of important club documents including the Constitution, past club rosters, alumni information, and contact information for people and organizations of interest to the club. S/he is also responsible, with the Social Chair, for organizing trips and car pools.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of all CDC’s financial activities, filling requisition forms and making deposits, collecting dues, keeping records of dues paid, and guarding all cash held by the club. S/he is also responsible for maintaining the club roster.

Social Chair:

The Social Chair is responsible for organizing and running Social Dances and Social Outings and is responsible for greeting newcomers to General Classes and answering questions about the club to prospective members, since the President may be otherwise occupied with teaching. The Social Chair shares responsibility for organizing trips and car pools with the Secretary.


The Publicist is responsible for the advertisement of club meetings, dances, and other events hosted by CDC by placing announcements in the Daily Nexus, hanging posters, designing and distributing flyers, and other appropriate means. S/he also has primary authority over the design and maintenance of the club website.
(A note from a past Publicist: we don’t use the Daily Nexus anymore, as cheaper methods of advertising have been found)

Competition Team Captain:

The Competition Team Captain is responsible for providing information about competitions and competition related material to interested parties. This includes, but is not limited to, competition dates, competition registration dates, costume and dress requirements and restrictions, general competition rules, and appropriate competition behaviors.
Contact our current team captain, Yuna Choi for more info

Community Liaison:

The Community Liaison is responsible for being knowledgeable about the dance community and dance events in the Santa Barbara area. Additionally s/he is to handle club interaction, e.g. lesson negotiations, with outside professionals.


The Fundraiser is responsible for raising moneys for CDC (outside of club dues) in support of such activities as competitions, social outings and parties, seminars, and professional instruction.