Unofficial trip to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!

by Kathy Hamilton on April 5, 2018

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Cotillion members are going to Universal Studios on April 15th! This is going to be an amazing trip so we encourage you to join us! This is an unofficial trip.

A few notes from our social chair! :

Hey! Howdy!

The lovely Yuna Choi and Mark Leal proposed this last summer that Cotillion take a celebratory amusement park trip, so welcome to Cotillion’s Unofficial Universal Trip! This is our time to chill out and just enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed setting!

As for the logistics:

Day passes can be bought at the AS Ticket Office with a current student ID for $94.00. Season passes are closer to $117 I believe and can be also bought at the AS Ticket Office.
If you are not a student, have no fear! I have a Santa Barbara Axxess card which provides me with the same discount. Just talk to me during practice or message me and we can work things out. (You can find Jade Burchett on Facebook, or if you don’t have one, send us an email or come to practice!)

If you ARE ATTENDING RIVERSIDE’S BLOSSOM BALL Yuna Choi and the Cotillion Goes to Blossom Ball event page will be your best bet. If you are coming from Santa Barbara I will be posting a rideshare document shortly!

And from there we can negotiate arrival and departure times! There shouldn’t be too many people according to the crowd tracker online, and weather updates will come soon!

Let’s celebrate!


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